Why Us

We at Trikiso Buses Ltd stand by our motto “We Care” and this is reflected in the outstanding service we provide on a daily basis. 

Denis Reidy started the business in1989 transporting special needs children. A vision to provide a dedicated, reliable, total mobility transport service grew the business to where it is today.

Locally owned and operated providing transport solutions for over thirty years Trikiso Buses Ltd is a family owned and operated business. The unique name originates from family and represents Denis Reidy’s 3 daughters - TRI (Trina) KI (Kim) SO (Sondra). Denis, Trina, Kim and Clinton all manage the business today and are committed to keeping this local business around for another thirty years.



1 Lake Road | Frankton, Hamilton | New Zealand 3204 | P. 847 2203 | 0800 TRIKISO |
E. info@trikisobuses.co.nz